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Tiens' listening room

Tiens' Listening Room

About Stereotype

We're not your average Hi-fi shop, why?

- We are audio enthusiasts and represent products we like and would like to own ourselves
- We aim to satisfy the music and movie needs of all our customers, including those on a tight budget
- We audition many new products and choose only the ones of real value or those that have that “something special” factor about them
- The biggest advantage for our clients is that we can share this vast knowledge to help them save time and money in making informed decisions on what to buy
- And oh yes... we don't sell parallel imported products, only products backed up by NZ distributors

About Tiens Hattingh

I am a semi retired Physicist with a passion for music and music reproduction. This started in the early 70's and continued during my University lecturing days in Physics. I later applied many of these acoustic principles in my research into new techniques in the mining and oil exploration fields. I developed many signal processing computer software techniques to aid researchers in detecting possible mineral and oil reserves in the earth. Most of my work was done in the so-called adaptive filtering techniques which now also started to appear in the high resolution audio and video field. The noise cancelling headphones are but one example.
Electronics lies close to my heart. I had a life time of exposure to this fascinating field, starting in the early 70’s, the glorious days when money was no object to built the biggest and the best, until now, the age of high resolution audio and video and sadly, the age of cheap “consumable throw away” products, which benefit nobody. We all know just to try and understand the technology can be a nightmare, not to mention making choices. This can leave you confused and frustrated. This is where I can help!

"Very pleased with the new amp. Tiens (hgnit) really knows his stuff, was very helpful and I ended up buying cables as well. Tiens did not try to sell me expensive cables I did not need, only cables suited to my setup . Thanks!"

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About Brendan Smith

Hifi is a passion of mine and for me, any system has to reproduce music well first and foremost, if it can do this, movie soundtracks will follow naturally. Some hi-end products out there are superb only at one particular genre of music, the products that really get my attention are those which can convey a wide range of musical tastes. Any piece of gear I recommend has to meet three criteria, it has to look good, it has to be functional (easy to use with build quality to last), and most importantly it has to sound good. I aim to help customers get as much for their hard earned dollar as possible, while meeting their needs around functionality and style. At the core of any system is the music, I'd rather listen to good music on a mono AM radio than bad music on our reference system... but hearing good music on a great system is something that can't be explained, if you've never experienced hi-fidelity audio, drop by for a listen!

Thank you for the continued support and Happy Listening.

Tiens & Brendan
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