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Myryad Z240 Amplifier & Z20 DAC Combo

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One of things we often tell clients is, "don't buy off the spec sheet" - with the Myryad Z240 this a perfect example, the stated 50W amplifier has huge power reserves and drives almost any speaker in our demo room with a very clean sound and tight bass. We love this amp.

Add on the Z20 DAC and you'll be able to stream high quality music from your computer, Squeezebox, Apple TV etc and just sit back and enjoy the music.

Myryad Z240 Amplifier & Z20 DAC Combo

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Regular Price: NZ$2,398.00

Special Price NZ$1,899.00


Myryad Z20 DAC

The Myryad Z20 DAC is a high-end digital to analog convertor featuring the same DAC chip used in the top of the line MX series CD Players. If you've ditch CDs and gone digital, or just want to maximise the most from your computer audio, the Myryad Z20 will turn your digital audio experience into something you had never imagined before.

The Myryad Z20 Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) provides the perfect solution to high quality reproduction of digital audio, from whatever source. It can be the interface between a PC, Mac or laptop and your hi-fi system, and it can provide a sonic upgrade to the stereo sound from your CD, DVD or Blu-Ray player. 

  • Coaxial (S/PDIF), Optical (Toslink) and USB (2.0) inputs
  • All inputs 192kHz/24bit capable
  • Asynchronous USB receiver isolates the Z20s DAC from computer clock jitter, resulting in clean precise sound.
  • All sources, at any bit-rate, are asynchronously upsampled to 192kHz/24bit for accurate reproduction.
  • High end Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chip - as used in Myryad MX CD players.
  • The Z20 is the first Myryad product in the new Z-mini Series featuring similar styling to the new Z200s, but in a half-width case.


Myryad Z240 Amplifier

The new dynamic, 50 Watts per channel Z240 amplifier boasts a luxuriously thick "Z200" brushed aluminium facia. Its new white LED indicators complement the uncluttered styling to produce a sophisticated look and feel.

The Z240 delivers extended, weighty and controlled bass, open and detailed mid-range, and added top-end air and sweetness. This superb sound is achieved with the help of an optimally shortened signal path featuring just one high speed, low loss series capacitor in each channel and discrete "soft recovery" ultra-fast rectifiers which improve dynamic range by reducing induced RF "noise".

Even the internal wiring, from the power amp outputs to the speaker terminals, has been upgraded to the acclaimed QED Silver Anniversary XT cable.


Myryad's Design Principles

The design of a good‐sounding amplifier, or any hi‐fi product, requires careful attention to many details. If just one key feature is overlooked it could turn a great product into a mediocre one. The designer must always design the product as a whole and not focus too much any one 'favourite' area.

Careful and precise engineering can take you 90% of the way to a top design and without it the design will fail. But it is the final 10% which distinguishes the best hi‐fi marques. Experience and a deep understanding of the critical aspects of an amplifier's performance lead to the best circuit topologies and physical layout. Again, looking at the product as a whole is important. An amplifier and its power supply are one ‐ and must be designed as such.

The final subtleties of tonal balance musicality and soundstaging, which distinguish even the best amplifiers, can be influenced by component type and quality. Although the primary specification of all components must be to meet engineering requirements, that still leaves a great deal of choice available to the designer.For instance, Myryad's use of precision metal film resistors and polypropylene film capacitors ‐ even in its budget products in key locations ‐ is based on many hours of listening. The use of parts such as these make a significant contribution to the open and transparent yet warm and musical sound exhibited by all Myryad's products.

This design philosophy is applied equally to all Myryad's products, from the least to the most expensive. In a budget amplifier the cost constraints are more onerous and the quality of the sound must be compatible with lower cost sources and loudspeakers. At the high‐end an amplifier must perform impeccably with the most detailed sources and the most transparent (and often taxing) loudspeakers while still meeting the approval of the critical ears of the high‐end listener. In either case the same design philosophy guides all Myryad products to ensure they sound and look beautiful.

Additional Information

Output Power (RMS) 8 ohms (< 0.1% THD) 50W
Phono Input Yes
Analog In Tape 1, Tape 2, CD, DVD, Tuner
Preamp Out Yes
Speaker A/B No
Dimensions (mm) 436 x 78 x 316mm
Weight (kg) 6.7

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