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PS Audio PerfectWave AC-3 Power Cable

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Quick Overview

The PS Audio PerfectWave AC3 is a 12 gauge cable constructed with OFC copper in multiple gauges and shapes. Inside the AC3 is one OFC hollow conductor for the treble region, a large OFC rectangular conductor for the midrange and multiple gauges of OFC bundled together for the bass. Equipment powered with an AC3 enjoy a significant improvement in sound quality over any stock power cable.

The PerfectWave AC-3 comes fitted with the Audiophile quality Furatech Rhodium NZ Plug pictured separately.

PS Audio PerfectWave AC-3 Power Cable

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Why power cables matter

There’s a lot of controversy and misinformation surrounding the subject of AC power quality, power delivery systems and the importance of the power cable in a high-end system.  Power cables matter if gaining all that’s possible with any piece of equipment matters – and most high-end system owners would perhaps agree this is a goal worth pursuing.

One of the first questions people typically ask us is why the last 6 feet of power cable matters when typically there are hundreds of feet of power delivery wires feeding the AC to the wall socket in the first place.  The answer is deceptively simple and can be addressed in two parts: the equipment is not at the end of the delivery system and most of the noise that degrades performance is generated by the equipment itself.

It is a common misconception that a piece of equipment is at the end of the power delivery chain when, in fact, it is actually in the middle of that chain.  AC power has two conductors (ignoring the ground wire which is only for noise and safety) and power flows in a loop between the two conductors – your equipment sitting right in the middle of that loop.  So the unit is not at the end of the chain, but rather in the middle and this is the area where the AC power is subjected to high levels of noise – and that noise can degrade the audio or video quality significantly.

The noise is actually generated by the equipment itself and for this reason, it is critically important that the last 6 feet of power delivery in the loop be extremely well shielded both internally (to the power cable) and externally (to the equipment).  A stock power cable is perhaps the worst thing you can use to connect your equipment to the power as these are neither protected internally or externally and their construction does not support the reduction of complex interactions and noise generated by the equipment.  

To get the most out of your system you must replace all your stock power cables with well designed low noise versions.  Doing so will help the performance of your system immeasurably and, depending on the type of power cable you wind up with, can contribute to significantly lower system noise, less glare riding on the music and better micro and macro dynamics.

PS Audio offers what we consider to be the best overall solutions to power delivery and power generating products.  Our power cable designs have been refined over the last decade to provide unprecedented levels of full, rich sound, with lightning fast transients, improved dynamic contrasts, and dead quiet performance.

All PS Audio power cables are fitting with the high quality Furatech Rodium Plug which is pictured separately.

Furatech Rodium

Earth (Ground) Jumper System •Type: 2-Pole + Earth •Rating: 10A/250V


•Pure copper α (Alpha) Conductor •Earth (Ground) Jumper System. •Material: Nylon/fiberglass front body •Polycarbonate shell


•Specifications: Accommodates cable diameters of 6.6mm to 20.0mm •Wire accommodation: Max 5.5 Square mm 10AWG •Dimensions: Body length 40.2mm x 44.5mm diameter x 80mm overall length •Rated: 10A/250V

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